nrComm Lib provides easy and quick solutions for enumerate and control USB devices. It gets detail info about installed USB devices and has methods for basic I/O operations with USB pipes.

Library offers two different API’s for access to usb device I/O operations:

  • Over nrUsb lightweight sys driver.
  • Over WinUSB API that is supported by latest versions of Microsoft Windows (Windows XP and later.)

Both solutions contain kernel signed drivers and can be used on x64 platfomrs without any problems. Library includes components for quick and easy deployment and instalaltion needed driver on target usb device.
Please note that you can use our tech support forum for find more info or ask question. Forum contains special board: USB board.

OSR FX2 Learning Kit Demo

nrComm Lib contains Delphi demo project that demonstrates USB possibilities on special deivice OSR FX Learing Kit. Demo allows change and read states of device, makes I/O operation. It can install WinUSB drivers on selected device. It works correctly on x86 and x64 Windows versions.

You can download and try compiled demo with sources:

The small video shows working this demo with real usb device.