The TnrBT component supports the Bluetooth Windows API. It includes the some properties, methods and events which makes easy the configuring and communication the bluetooth devices.

Some of our most popular features are listed below:

  • enumeration the bluetooth adapters (radios);
  • enumeration the bluetooth devices;
  • enumeration the services of bluetooth devices;
  • synchronous/asynchronous read/write operations with connected bluetooth device;
  • configuring the BT device properties in run time;
  • select, search and configuring the BT device by using the standard Windows dialog;
  • Terminal property. It can work easy with terminal control.
  • DataProcessor property. It can use TnrDataProcessor, TnrZModem or TnrGsm component together with connected BT device.
  • Log property. Logging events in TnrLogFile component.
  • … and some more.

You can download BT Demo project of nrComm Lib and take a look the possibilities of this component.
BT Demo (compiled 32bit executable)
BT Demo (compiled 64bit executable)