The TnrGsm component is designed for interactive with GSM device - like mobile phone connected to serial port or Bluetooth. It supports most key features of GSM 07.07 specification and includes some properties, methods and events which make easy the gsm device communication.

Some of most popular features are listed below:

  • read and send SMS;
  • Alert/Flash SMS support;
  • notification event on new SMS;
  • notification event on incoming RING with Caller ID;
  • access to items of phonebooks;
  • various information about GSM device: IMEI, version, manufacturer, memory and battery state and so on;
  • component can be used as DataProcessor for TnrComm and TnrBT components of library
  • Log property. Logging events in TnrLogFile component.
  • … and some more.

You can download GSM Demo project of nrComm Lib and take a look the possibilities of this component.
GSM Demo sources

Also TnrGsm component and other classes of nrComm Lib are used in MyGsm Pro application.

Welcome to our tech support forum if you need more info.

Supported devices

nrComm Lib gsm solution supports various mobile phones and GSM/GPRS/3G terminals. TnrGsm component includes INF drivers for most well know vendors and devices:

  • SIEMENS models: MC35i, TC35i, MC75, A65 and others.
  • Nokia models: 6120, 6230, 6100, 5310, NSE-5, CS-10, CS-xx and others.
  • Sony Ericsson models: W810, K750, K618, K660, T630, T6xx and others.
  • Samsung model: SGH-C120 and others.
  • Huawei models: E220, E156G, E1550 and others.
  • WAVECOM MODEM, iWOW TR-800, Novatel Ovation MC950D and others.

If you do not see your device model in the list, you can download GSMDemo and try different GSM drivers. Possible your device is compatible with existing solutions. If you do not get successful result, we can add new corrected gsm driver for support your device.