HID (Human Interface Device

The TnrHid component is designed for working with HID (Human Interface Device) devices. It allows access to various joisticks, gamepads and remote controllers. Usual needed HID drivers are included into Windows and you do not spend your time for install drivers and TnrHid can work immediately. Also some USB chips allow access to them over HID api and it simplifies project development too.

Some of our most significant features are listed below:

  • enumeratation available HID devices;
  • I/O operations;
  • monitoring incoming data;

You can download HID Demo (or 64-bit here) project of nrComm Lib and take a look the possibilities of this component. Sources of this demo is available after nrComm Lib installation.

Please note that you can use our tech support forum for find more info or ask question. Forum contains special board: HID board.

Also you can read article by Gamini Gunaratna that describes working with Texas Instruments MSP430F5529 microcontroller: Host USB-HID communication for Texas Instruments MSP430F5529 using Embarcadero RAD Studio XE.