RS232 (serial) port

The TnrComm component is designed for work with serial port (RS232) connection.It includes properties and methods which makes easy the serial port configuring and communication.

Some of most popular features of nrComm Lib serial port solution are listed below:

  • detecting detail information about available serial ports;
  • correct working with virtual (removable) serial ports (USB, BT and etc.);
  • synchronous/asynchronous I/O operations with serial port;
  • configuring the serial port properties in run time;
  • configuring the serial port using the standard Windows dialog;
  • monitoring the miscellaneous events;
  • property Terminal:TCustomEdit You can make a simple terminal control very easy and quickly. All typed symbols will be sent to the port and all received will be shown by the Terminal control.
  • property DataProcessor You can use TnrDataProcessor, TnrGsm or TnrZModem components to implement an extended data processing.
  • property Log You can use TnrLogFile component for the logging of the port states.
  • … and some more.

Please note that you can use our tech support forum for find more info or ask question. Forum contains some special boards: RS232 board and Data Processing Board with information related with RS232 and serial communication issues.