What is IAS Log Viewer?

IAS Log Viewer is an administrative tool for viewing, understanding and analyzing log files from Microsoft IAS service. IAS Log Viewer is a reporting tool allows to generate useful reports from Microsoft IAS service log files.

What is IAS?

Internet Authentication Service (IAS) is the Microsoft implementation of a Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service (RADIUS) server in Windows 2000 Server and a RADIUS server and proxy in Windows Server 2003. You may read more about Microsoft IAS service starting from here

What is IAS log file?

Microsoft IAS service log information such as user authentication requests, accounting requests, and periodic data. IAS Log files contain that audit and usage information.

How a correct IAS log file looks like

The IAS log file has no fixed structure of data. It is very flexible.

The amount of lines per connect is not fixed.

The amount of fields in each line is not fixed, too. Each connect in a correct IAS log file consists of several records …. read more

What is a subscription?

An subscription covers access to any relevant support and software updates. All commercial licenses include 1,2 or 3 year free subscription (commencing from the date of purchase).

The subscription gives you free product upgrades and free technical support during subscription period beginning with the date of purchase.

When will my maintenance plan expire?

The subscription started from the date of purchase.

Information about your existing subscription is available in the Help -> Registration dialog within the application. If this information is not up to date, then you may need to enter you license key again in the Help -> Registration dialog to refresh it.

Can I still use the software without an active subscription? What happens after then?

Yes, you can continue to use program after the subscription period expires.

After the first 1,2 or 3 year (depend of buying license), your initial subscription will expire and you will no longer enjoy free application updates and technical support. Renewing your subscription is done purely at your discretion. We suggest you renew it in advance of your maintenance expiration to ensure uninterrupted access to the support and software updates.

Several ways for entering registration info

IAS Log Viewer has several ways for entering registration info:

  • Usual way. You copy 2 reg.info lines in to registration dialog. Line by line.
  • Clipboard way. You copy 2 reg.info lines in to clipboard (Yes, both lines with prefixes, similar like this ). Open registration dialog after then. All fields must be filled automatically from clipboard.
  • File way. You create regkey.txt text file with 2 reg.info lines. Similar like this. Place it near iasviewer.exe. Run IAS Log Viewer. Registration must be done automatically.

Switch to portable mode

IAS Log Viewer can work in portable mode. Sometime this is useful. Several steps needed for this:

  • Get version without setup. It work from any empty folder.
  • Register via file. You must create regkey.txt text file with 2 reg.info lines. Place it near iasviewer.exe
  • Remap settings. You must create iasviewer.gcfg text file with content CfgDataFolder={app} Place it near iasviewer.exe. This option specify to use current folder for holding IAS Log Viewer settings.